Ballpits/ball Ponds

Posted By: Bump and Jump | Posted Date: Thursday, July 29, 2021

Article / Blog Post # 17. INFLATABLE BALLPONDS - Inflatable ballponds (sometimes called ballpits) are perfect for those looking to have some fun. These inflatables are great because they can be used in many different ways. For example, bounce on them or use them as an obstacle course! The inflatable is made of durable material so it's safe for children.

We can also provide just the balls for hire for a ball pit at a reasonable cost.

As important as the design and maintenance of the ball pond is, so also is the continued upkeep of the balls. Our softplay balls are professionally cleaned and maintained to a high standard. Each ball is thoroughly inspected before being used and sterilized using specialist equipment.

Our ball ponds strong, robust and are brightly coloured to provide hours of fun for your garden party or other event where there’s likely to be young children who are perhaps too young to bounce on a bouncy castle. We are the professionals in ball pit and ball pond hire.

Ball pit and ball pond hire is affordable and clean for kids to play in

All balls in our ball ponds have been washed using a state-of-the art ball washing machine. Learn more about the ball cleaning process.Ball Cleaning Machine. To learn more about what we do to protect you and your family members, 

All bookings for our ball ponds can be made online. Scroll down to find the ball pond you are interested in, then click "Book Online" (no payment required at the booking stage). Multiple items can be hired together so you have the option to add more equipment to make a great play area. Hire one of our soft play shapes, or one of our bouncy castles for a fun and stimulating party that will bring out the best in your children.

You can speak to us before you book. You can call us at 07479 969229, or you can use our contact form. Get in touch Fill out the form. You can feel confident contacting our soft play specialists, no matter how you contact them.

Ballpits/ball Ponds
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